🚜Our Founder:  Anthony Vasquez🐎

PFC Farms, one of the most innovative and cutting edge organic farms, only uses our patent pending organic ocean mineral based Pacific Fertilizer for all its fertilization needs, when growing any fruits, vegetables or herbs.

If It Grows, PFC is the Solution!!



In 2017, farmer, Anthony Vasquez established PFC Farms with the support of Pacific Fertilizer Company. Anthony Vasquez, and the rest of the PFC staff have consistently produced some of the finest, nutrient rich, ultra-high-quality and best tasting organic produce in the market today. From inception, PFC Farms started with a focus on locally growing all produce that is imported into the United States of America, and teaching others that they can do the same. Since then, the PFC Farms showcase garden now boasts 96 different certified organically grown healthy lines, and produces healthy natural food year-round, perfecting outdoor, indoor, and hybrid growing operations to ensure sustainable long-term solutions for growing in adverse conditions.

👅Even the aromas from the PFC Farms' food and produce have been known to blow minds. The perfect flavors, which have been tediously chosen through painstaking selection by our culinary experts, and nutrition specialists, paired with complimentary textures, and sophisticated tones, that consistently amaze, causing wows and great big grins, time and time again. Once you've tasted PFC Farms' produce, you will never want to go back to commercial foods. 

PFC Farms's prides itself  in meeting and exceeding all strict federal standards through our growing practices, assuring that all those standards are upheld through rigorous quality control, and thorough inspections by third-party inspectors. The PFC Farms organic agriculture program is one of the largest in the nation, producing over 50 different types of vegetables that are only grown utilizing Pacific Fertilizer Companie's products. 




🌎PFC Farms manages two locations in California, with farming partnerships that facilitate and manage rehabilitation support services, educational, and employment services. Through these vehicles we are able to provide many oppurtunities for youth and young adults, to learn and grow in the agricultural industry, such as; land development, organic farming and plant management, natural pest control, food distribution, processing and packaging, retail sales and operations, bio-chemistry, web and graphic design, marketing, public speaking, and so much more. PFC truly has a solution for every growing mind to expand and create. 

🌠There's really a lot that goes into what makes PFC Farms so great at what we do for everyone, and we love to pass along that legacy. Family by family, we help to teach and mold tomorrow's bright and shining stars, building permanent sustainability, right there in their very own community.

This helps young minds build, not only beliefs and drive that will stay with them forever, but the knowledge that at any moment, they, themselves can foster actual life from even dirt, and truly be able to depend on that ability, along with all the others they've now discovered.


  A   Little  🧬🌱🔬 Science   

All plants at PFC Farms are grown using only Pacific Fertilizer Products, operating under strict organic guidelines, and is certified in 96 lines of produce.  Generally plant genetics require double the amount of nutrients after the plant reaches 24 inches. Utilizing the Pacific Fertilizer Soil Revitalization Program repairs field/tough dirt, and provides the necessary nutrients for the plant to continue to grow past 24 inches with double the yield.  Having the versatilility of the soil revitalization programs allows us to grow the best produce in the market place, with out ever using any chemicals. Our produce provides all the vital nutrients needed for infants, youth and adults to grow healthy cells and a strong immune system. 


PFC Farms Cares Donation Program

For over two years, we have been donating produce to a wide variety of organizations engaged in programs associated with feeding the homeless, and providing vital nutrition to Veterans with the support of the Veterans' Services Directory. PFC Farms gives to non profits and Faith based organizations on a regular basis. 


PFC Farms - Economic Recovery Plan

- Home Economics Classes

- Agriculture Employment Rehabilitation Programs