PFC Farms Home Care Program
  • Fresh Organic Produce
  • Freshly squeezed organic juices and lemonade with no preservatives or additives
  • Infused Waters
  • Organic Sodium-Free plant based Seasonings 


All delivered right to your door step!!
  • The highest quality landscape, garden and tree services
  • Do-It-Yourself or PFC Farms managed home farm installation and maintenance 
  • Micro greens 
  • Tower gardens for smaller spaces

All exceeding expectations using our patent pending Organic Ocean Based PFC Farms Fertilizer and products.

If it grows PFC is the solution!  

All Organic Farm Fresh Produce, Fresh Squeezed Juices, Infused Water, and Sodium-Free Plant Based Seasonings Delivered To Your Door!
Bring the farm home!! If it grows, let us handle all the guess work and the travel for you. Whether its outside, inside, or in your mouth, we'll make sure you have only the best, right at home, for less.
We bring the season's best mix of hand-crafted products and 100% certified-organic produce, all hand-picked at our local family farm, and on your table within 24 hours. Each delivery comes with news from our family farm, delicious recipes, quick tips and the option to customize your next box. With the huge variety of different types of each fruit, herbs and vegetables, indigenous to a variety of places around the world, meals become an adventure — we bring our farmers market booth right to your kitchen!
Residential Property Maintenance Services 
There's truly a place where you can always stop and smell the flowers, and the grass is always greener.   Yes, it's your house! PFC Farms Home Care is also a full service landscaping and tree services solution for resdential properties and apartments. Our excellent reputation for providing the highest quality produce and products from our farm has always won our customer's satisfaction, and we give that same care to your landscape investment.

As one of the best landscape maintenance companies, we won't let you down. We have the experience to maintain your curb appeal with expert landscape maintenance services. 
Our trained experts can create a custom maintenance program that is economical, effective and long-lasting. Health and maintenance is essential to protecting your landscape investment, and you won't believe how plants respond to our patent pending organic PFC Farms fertilizer. 
To make plants healthier, you must supply the elements that the plants need in readily available forms. Most fertilizers supply just nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but PFC Farms goes the extra mile, using only our superior organic patent pending ocean based fertilzers, and other products to bring about results never seen before, in impossible climates.
From rejuvenation to the smallest details, such as mulch in flower beds and other landscaped areas of your property, adding value and increasing your curb appeal, we'll handle it. Let us bring the farm to your home. 
Home Farm Program - You Care Program & We Care Program
Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee while gazing through your back window at the sunlight, glistening in the fresh morning dew on the strong healthy crops in your Grocery Garden. You can have your very own PFC Farm right at home with the PFC Farms - Home Farm Program. Choose either the; You Care or We Care Program, and decide whether you want the; "Hands on," "Assisted," or "Just do it all for me," experience, all grown with PFC Farms patent pending Organic Ocean Mineral Based Fertilizer.
You and your family can get a taste of what it's like every day, while you watch your selection of the most delicious produce grow right before your eyes in your own backyard or tower garden. Your crop will get the same great care and superior nutrients that we give to ours back at the farm, assuring that that same outstanding PFC Farms quality you crave is in every bite. If it grows, PFC Farms is the solution!