Founder Anthony Vasquez, PFC Farms Manager Damien Brown, and Disabled Combat Veteran of Foreign War - Alonzo Lewis currently manage corporate operations at PFC Farms.

PFC Farms initially sold farm to market then quickly began manufacturing salt free seasoning with the excess produce from all certified PFC Farms Agriculture Facilities. PFC Farms supplies local restaurants with surplus, and seasoning can be found at The Pepper Kings Caribbean Taco Stops or at local events supported by community based organizations.

Mr Vasquez selected the CSA model, in which both the farmer and the members have a mutual interest in the crop and the manufacturing of seasoning because the shares are essentially presold prior to planting, the ‘waste’ factor (or excess crops risk) are eliminated. Based on their success at the music festivals, community mixers, farmer’s market and local restaurants, PFC Farms has already sold 100 percent of their inventory produced on 3 acres in 2019.

PFC Farms is located on 3 of 40 acres located in Hemet California. 365 Days per year, PFC Continues to grow in all conditions. During the off season, PFC Farms actively focuses on manufacturing custom blended salt free seasonings, targets and markets newly signed distributors, incorporates innovative learning solutions for all online members, engages in public speaking events, and solves solutions for education institutions/government based organizations by implementing custom gardens that provide direct access to food to support all programs that improve the quality of life. PFC Farms is dedicated to the re-implementation of Home Economics in education based institutions.