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 All 100% Certified Organic Fresh Cut Produce

Bring the Farm Home!!

If it grows, PFC Farms is the answer!  We offer only the highest quality fancy produce the world has to offer, all grown with our patent pending ocean mineral based fertilizer, just to be sure you and your family only get the very best. Each plant that PFC Farms manages is designed from its start, with the goal of improving quality of life at the forefront.

Both you, and the plants, are what you eat... 

..which is why it all begins with the superior nutrients found in our very own patent pending organic ocean mineral based Pacific Fertilizer, and other products. It's paramount in our ability to guarantee the pinnacle of quality, that must be upheld, to meet the ultrahigh standards that PFC Farms has built our legacy on.

Unlike most of what is found in today's produce aisles, our careful selection of each and every species and strain of our produce is centered around nutritional value, taste, texture, aroma and all the other wonderful details, most important to our customers, and their families.

Unfortunately, with the huge demand of chain stores, transportation costs, and profit margins, most of what's found in stores today must be selected, grown, and even harvested, with the long haul of transportation and storage as the determining factors. With our Farm-To-Table model, our fresh cut produce is 100% organically and locally grown, handpicked, and landing on your table within 48 hours, without ever having to sacrifice quality for sustainability or profitability.

Our quest to offer only the very best variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables, indigenous to a variety of places around the world, was once just an adventure, but now its a staple of our business, and our quality is a promise that we make to all of our customers. 

Bring the Farm Home to Your Kitchen!!


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Fresh Squeezed Juices, Infused Waters, over 20 Sodium-Free Plant Based Seasonings, and even our Patent Pending Ocean Mineral Based Pacific Fertilizer delivered to your door!




For more information about PFC Farms and its operations, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (619) 990 - 9999.