PFC Farms is pleased to announce the launch of Phase 3, the PFC Farms Health and Nutrition Store. The launch of PFC Farms Health and Nutrition Store is based on projections of the amount of produce that can be fresh cut from 7 acres. PFC Farms currently averages $4000 in monthly revenue. This income supports the operation of the store throughout the fiscal year. 

Phases 1 & 2

Phase 1 of development involved development of the fertilizer, which included testing and trials of plant development in diverse climate conditions. 120 volunteers assisted over the year of testing and trials, Home Depot provided assistance by supplying additional tools and methods for pest and rodent prevention. Phase 2 included relocation to 7 acres in Hemet, and securing organic certification from the USDA. PFC’s innovative fertilizer provides 100% of nutrients required for successful crop growth. Anthony Vasquez (Founder, Pacific Fertilizer Company) dedicated himself to the company, providing funding from his own personal income to fulfill Phases 1 and 2, to secure the patent for PFC Farm’s fertilizer and to secure the certificate for drawing 99 different lines of organic crops. Upon completion of Phase 2, PFC Farms is a successful operation resulting in a monthly crop yield of over $5000.

Phase 3

Phase 3 currently includes sales of fresh cut “fancy” produce available through both delivery and on site at the PFC Farms Health and Nutrition store.  PFC Farms will form cooperative agreements with other local farmers and companies to stock additional provisions and items in the store. Produce provided by other local farmers will undergo testing and modifications to ensure they are meeting the same standards as PFC Farms organic produce. 

Investment Opportunities

PFC Farms is a firm believer in the value of community involvement and encourages investors from the community to be actively involved in its mission to provide access to organic produce in underserved areas of Southern California. In exchange for an annual investment of $100 to $1000, investors receive a gift of their choice of produce or seasoning, as well as personal input regarding the direction of Phase 3. Investors retain the option to re-invest or engage in cooperative agreement with PFC products. Additionally, investors may become stakeholders and/or engage in franchise opportunities.